In this series, children will experience gentle bareback riding. Children are taught how to move safely around a horse, how to approach, touch and groom and to see through the eyes of the horse.

As classes progress, an ease and enjoyment permeates the experience of sharing time with the horses. 

Our intention is to introduce the joy of horses into the lives of the families who visit.

Drop Ins, $45, are available for any of these classes as long as there is room.

Silver receiving birthday cards at his party

Silver receiving birthday cards at his party


Last Children's Horse Class for this season

4/4 19am to noon

Drop In $45, $40 2nd sibling

*Please note, in the event of rain, class will be rescheduled at a later date. Notification of cancellation will be given no later than the day before by 5pm via email.

*There are no monetary refunds for these classes however makeups can be applied to any of the other days in this current series provided there is room.  

Silver loves children

Silver loves children