A Constellation clears energy in the past that is affecting the present. A Horse Constellation is similar to a Family Constellation except that it is done outdoors within a round pen with horses. A horse is invited into the round pen along with other people to participate in the Constellation. The horse assumes a role and will demonstrate what it is that needs attention.

If you feel drawn to horses, love nature and are on a healing path, this work is perfect for you. People may choose to do a Constellation for various reasons such as:

*Finding and connecting to one's life purpose

*Health crisis

*Spiritual crisis

*Relationship challenges

*Business guidance

*Family healing

Watch this Deepak Chopra video ( 30 Days Of Intent #4) to see Sara Fancy facilitate a Horse Constellation with guests Iman and Natalie.


How will a Horse Constellation benefit me?

Having horses in your Constellation is a memorable experience. The impact of relating with so many different beings affects us on a deep level. The presence of a horse in your Constellation brings potency to your healing. Being outdoors and in nature creates a therapeutic environment for your Constellation.

Why use horses?

Horses divide their time between the spiritual and physical worlds and so, navigate the Field with a natural ease. The horses at SHHR enjoy offering themselves to this type of service where they are allowed to move and interact freely of their own choice.

Do I need horse experience in order to have a Horse Constellation?

No experience is necessary. If you are scared of horses, a preliminary session is advisable to overcome any fears or traumas related to horses.

Will the horses bite or kick me?

No, our horses are accustomed to people and are not aggressive. They may gently nudge you or rub their heads on you.


Will my Horse Constellation include a Table Constellation using figurine horses?

There are times I like to use the horse figurines before entering the round pen as they give insight and clarity on how to proceed, although there are sessions when I feel we can go directly to the round pen.

How many Horse Constellations do I need?

It depends on the individual. Some people may need more time to process a Constellation, and may choose to have just one or one a month, whereas others are OK to experience Horse Constellations once or twice a week.