"The Black and Tan Clan" Roxy, Minnie and Zorro

 "The Black and Tan Clan" Roxy, Minnie and Zorro

Sad news, on November 8th, 2013, Zorro passed over. Read about Zorro on Sara's blog Accepting Zorro's Fate

The three dogs who support the programs at the ranch are known as 'The Black and Tan Clan'. Meet Zorro & Roxy (brother & sister) and Minnie (unrelated). Each dog has a specific role and job at the ranch.

Minnie the Chihuahua mix loves children and is very friendly. She will sit on anyones lap and loves attention. For children who are scared of dogs Minnie is the ice breaker. Once a child frightened of dogs has connected to Minnie they are ready to meet the larger dogs Zorro and Roxy. These two siblings were born in the Cheney Canyon and have been with Sara for eleven years! Their unusual blue eyes give them a distinct look. For someone who is not accustomed to large dogs they may appear intimidating, yet Zorro and Roxy are the perfect meeters and greeters. They do not bark at strangers and will happily welcome any new visitors to the ranch with a wagging tail. 

After they have met you they expect to be left alone to do their job which is to help Sara with the horses.  Zorro is present anytime a horse is being treated for injuries. Roxy jumps in to herd the horses if they need to be separated.

Sara feels it is beneficial to expose children to different kinds of dogs, in doing so children learn that every dog is different and needs to be related to as such.  

Sara's advice when asked about how to act when meeting a dog for the first time, is to let the dog check you out. Do not put your hand in front of the dog's face as this could be conceived as a challenge to the dog. The dog will let you know if it wants you to be petted by the way it behaves around you. Never impose yourself onto the dog.

Parents that have been to the ranch several times with their children realize how much of an impact The Black and Tan Clan have upon their kids. At the end of the horse class, Sara leaves to fetch the dogs from her house. Always, the children beg to come with her and plead with Sara to let them walk Minnie.

One child was so smitten with Minnie that he told his mom that he wanted to marry her. The mom wrote about it in her illustrated blog called Crappy Pictures. Because of Minnie's influence on their children, this family ended up adopting a dog. Several other families also ended up adopting dogs after coming to the ranch.