This Introductory Horse Constellation Training, led by Sara Fancy, will show you how to include horses into Constellations promoting transformation for all participants.

Jackie expressing herself in the workspace

Jackie expressing herself in the workspace

Outline of Training

Pre Conference call Thursdy October 2nd, 6pm ( call will be recorded ).

3 Day On Site Training at Silver Horse, Manzanita Village, Warner Springs CA USA

Arrive Friday October 10th anytime after 4pm, depart Monday October 13th evening after 5pm

Accommodations and a healthy Vegetarian diet included. 

Post Conference call Monday October 20th ( call will be recorded ).


Register by submitting online form below. 

Limited to 8 participants


Q How does adding horses in Constellations produce transformation for the participants.

A Horses have a hyper awareness which informs them of when situations are out of balance. Horses want to be in balance in every way, physically , emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, in a Constellation they will act in a specific way to promote balance to the overall system.

Q. What is the difference between traditional equine therapy, such as EGALA and EGL and Horse Constellations.

A. Traditional Equine therapy follows a specific format and the horse is asked to perform tasks. In a Horse Constellation, the facilitator, already skilled in Systemic Constellation Therapy, invites the horse into the workspace to support the Constellation in any way the horses decides. 

Q. Do I need to own horses in order to do this work?

A. No, you can always work with other horses that belong to someone else. But the horses need to have good ground manners and be mentally and physically stable.

Q. I own a horse, but how do I know if my horse will be able to do this work?

A.  If your horse is content, i.e. he/she has all of his/her basic needs met, and has good ground manners, then chances are your horse will enjoy participating in Horse Constellations. Horses love to be able to contribute in some way, being in a Horse Constellation is a no brainer for a horse. They have everything it takes to do this work. Their natural herding instincts and hyper awareness allows the horse to know exactly what is going on and what is needed in the Constellation. By integrating your horse into this work you'll be amazed at what your horse is capable of.

Q. Do I need to have skills in Systemic Constellations to take this training?

A. You will need to have some previous experience with Family Constellation or training in order to understand the principles.

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