Sara introduces a young guest to Laydee and Silver


3 & Up

3 Half Day Camp

10am to 1pm

1/6/14, 1/7/14, 1/8/14  

$160, $145 2nd sibling

6 & up 

3 Day Camp

10am to 4pm

1/2/14, 1/3/14, 1/4/14

$320, $290 2nd sibling

9 & Up

3 Day Camp

10am to 4pm

1/9/14, 1/10/14, 1/11/14

$320, $290 2nd sibling


Our Winter Horse Whispering Camp is for children who want the experience of being with horses in a kind and respectful way. Horses communicate with us when we listen. We teach children how to notice the willing nature of the horse and build a relationship from this place. We show how it's possible to have an inter-species relationship with a large animal, creating ways of relating that were otherwise thought impossible. 

Children do not need any prior experience with horses to take this camp. Your children will learn fundamental horse skills which will prepare them for any other equine experience.

Children will experience gentle bareback riding, groundwork, general care of horses and lessons in the nature and instincts of the horse. This camp is for children who love the outdoors and nature, who are not afraid to get dirty. We will work around the weather. If it is cloudy with wet ground we will still have camp, children are encouraged to wear warm clothes and appropriate foot wear. If it is raining we will postpone class until another day. We will work with parents to provide other options if the camp is entirely rained out, including a monetary refund.

Our horses are fully experienced in working with children. They are happy horses and their health and wellbeing is a priority. 

The classes are divided into different age groups: 3 & Up, 6 & Up and 9 & Up. Each camp has a limit of nine children. 


Fees for programs are paid in advance either online via our shop, check or cash. Checks should be made out to Sara Fancy.

After first day of camp no monetary refunds are issued. For a refund before this date, 20% of the fee is deducted for processing fees and administration. No transfers or trades of classes permitted.

Children must be able to take directions from Sara Fancy or any other staff member working or volunteering for SHHR.

SHHR has the right to refuse services to anyone if the safety of children, parents, SHHR facilitators, horses or residents of 1711 and 1715 is compromised in any way by the behavior of the client.

In the event of a washout, classes will be pushed to a later date.

Every participant of this program must sign the release form on the first day of class.

All children must wear a helmet when on top of a horse.