Our Philosophy

by Sara Fancy

We believe in kindness to animals. Our horses wellbeing is important to us. It's essential they are happy and enjoy their work. We never force them into doing anything they don't want to do and never compromise their well being at the expense of our clients wishes. They are family. We believe it's a privilege and honor to be able to live and spend time with horses without the need to ride them.

We don't kill any wild animals, reptiles or insects at our retreat. We don't use traps or poisons. We have a cat, Tinkerbell, who hunts and eats her prey.

We are unarmed; no guns at SHR.

We have a holistic view on health. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ailments may all be related. We believe there's a solution to any problem, though it may not be what one would expect.

We believe in eating healthy. The meals we serve are organic and cooked from scratch. We want our guests to be well fed and nourished from the food we offer. I buy, prepare and cook all the food myself. Junk food is out of the question. 

Exercising is something we promote and feel passionate about. Both of us live athletic lives. Nicio has fifty years of karate experience. My entire life I have exercised; lifting weights, yoga, jogging and hiking. Add to this our outdoor lifestyle with maintenance and care of the horses along with managing our retreat keeps us fit and in good shape.    

Breathing in fresh air makes a huge difference to our overall well being. Ranchita, home of Silver Horse Retreat, is known for its clean air. Years ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of sleeping outdoors. He told me, 'you can sleep anywhere as long as you're warm.' Hearing this liberated me from thinking I had to sleep inside four walls. Since then, I've slept in an outdoor bedroom or inside a yurt or tent. Breathing in fresh air while sleeping is restorative and promotes deep sleep.

Bathing and drinking pure, fresh, well water connects us to our land and promotes wellness. Getting off city water was one of my main goals after I found out about the chemicals I was ingesting such as fluoride and chlorine, to name a few. I noticed a difference in the horses health from drinking well water. Their allergies became less active. 

One of my favorite places on our retreat is our outdoor bathing area. We managed to find and restore an old bear claw bathtub. We placed the tub in a tranquil and private area on our land. It's a wonderful place to watch nature, meditate and enjoy the benefits of a hot water bath. 

bath 2.jpg


One of our camping spots.

One of our camping spots.