Private sessions are facilitated by Sara Fancy R.P.P. and staff at the Silver Horse Healing Ranch location in Topanga, CA. Sara uses her equine experience and healing art skills to facilitate a session with a horse, anywhere from process work to natural horsemanship riding. 

Each session is customized to the needs of the client. 

Laydee and Sara

Laydee and Sara


Connecting to your true self. Horses are mirrors. They can show us who we are if we're ready to look.

Opening up to our true feelings.
Horses know when we are incongruent with our emotions. It is part of their survival instinct to ensure their own safety and well being.

Getting into our bodies.
Horses ask that we be in our bodies when we relate to them. We may be thinking about something in the past or future. Horses help us focus on being present.

Horses are extremely aware. As a prey animal their life depends on their level of awareness. When we tune-in to horses we develop our own awareness skills.

Inter-species relating.
By relating to another species, we broaden our empathy for others. We move out of our world of human relationships and experience an authentic connection to a large sentient being such as a horse.