The intention for this intensive is for you to make significant changes in your life to advance you on your heroic journey.

Facilitated by Sara Fancy and the Silver Horse Herd with six participants. 

Our next Shamanic Horse Retreat

Memorial weekend

May 27th 28th 29th  2017

Lunch included


We have accommodations onsite with the horses from cool camping to private room in independant structure. Cost is $100 per night includes organic dinner and breakfast. Please specify in comments in submission form if you would like to stay onsite.

Other suggested accommodations: mountainvalleyretreat

Mountain Valley Retreat offers affordable accommodations and is in walking distance to our location. We are twenty minutes away from Borrego Springs which has several places to stay, and thirty five minutes from Julian.  


  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Constellation with Horses
  • Dancing with Horses
  • Native American Teachings with Nicio Aguilera

If you would like to enroll in one of our Shamanic Horse Intensives, please submit the form below and you will hear back from us within 24 hrs. If you do not hear back from us, please try submitting the form again or emailing

Sara and Diva, warming up for a dance

Sara and Diva, warming up for a dance

Silver is the mystical horse I’ve dreamed of since I was young. Dancing with him fulfilled an enduring childhood wish.
Silver and his dance recent partner.

Silver and his dance recent partner.


Talking circle with a review of the previous day.

Integrate the healing and resources experienced in the first two days by creating your own unique dance with a horse.

Each person will integrate the work already processed by creating their own unique dance with a horse. Everyone will be shown how to engage a horse in an improvisational movement. Each person will be witnessed and supported by the others in the group as they ritualize their dance.

Reflections and closing circle. 

Sara demonstrates a spontaneous Horse Dance with Pretty Boy in the September 2016 Shamanic Horse Retreat

2017 Horse Shamanic Dance with Diva, Sara and Nicio Aguilera


We begin with each person's intention.

What needs to be surrendered, changed, transformed, to allow joy, peace and fullfillment?

Sara guides the group through a shamanic inner journey in order for each person to retrieve information to support their own individual process. 

Everyone in the group experiences a Rapport with Horses session inside the round pen.  


Talking circle with a review of the previous day.

What needs to be recognized, healed and accepted to allow joy, peace and fulfillment? 

Each person receives a Horse Constellation. Everyone in the group will represent for each others constellation.

Nicio Aguilera ( Native American Elder) will teach the group how to make their own prayer tie. Materials provided.


Sara and Diva perform a horse dance at a recent 3 Day Shamanic Horse Retreat in 2016, edited to Sara Fancy's song Horse Dancing Woman

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