Five Day Horse Constellation Training

May 1st - May 5th 2020

at Silver Horse Retreat

A Horse Constellation is a powerful, holistic therapy offering transformational healing in the presence of horses.

In this equine therapy the horse is never asked or forced to do any tasks. The space in which the work takes place is large enough to give the horse or horses enough room to be physically close or afar to the constellation taking place. They’re always given a choice.

The horse and the facilitator are a team. When the facilitator recognizes and adheres to this construct, the horse becomes actively involved.

Horses who can no longer perform riding, jumping or competitive sports are well suited for this work. However, the horse needs to be mentally and emotionally balanced. A rescue horse needs adequate time to decompress and rehabilitate before being invited into constellations.

In this five day training, Sara Fancy explains and demonstrates why horses are the perfect partner for systemic and family constellation work.

Students will experience the value of receiving transformational work outdoors and in the presence of horses. They will learn the importance of being present and in acceptance of everything presented, i.e., the birds and butterflies, and how relevant everything is to the session.

Some knowledge and experience with Family Constellation work is required to take this training.

Simple exercises which can be done inside a horse coral will be taught and experienced on a daily basis.

An emphasis on tuning into and relating to the horses, environment and client will be a major part of this training.

(Sara offers one on one mentorship programs for anyone who wants additional training and/or prefers to learn outside of a group.)

Students are welcome to partake in this training for their own self development and healing purposes.

Family Constellation therapy is about inclusion. The family as a system is a micro example of the larger system of humanity and all that exists. (Including animals, plants, rocks , etc.) In the realization and acceptance of everything having a place, whether we like it or not, transformation happens. When we deny the family members or the ones we don’t agree with we are out of alignment with what is true.

Cost of 5 day training:

Early bird $1’200 ends February 1st 2020

after $1,400

includes vegetarian lunch.

For $400 students are welcome to stay on the land during the five days of training which includes three daily organic vegetarian meals and camping accommodations. Students are invited to help in the preparation of meals and are invited to clean up after themselves.

Suggested arrival April 30th 5pm in time for dinner.

Suggested departure May 6th after breakfast.

Other options for students who are uncomfortable with this type of accommodation are local airbnb places, a short walk from our location.

Lunch is provided for students who are staying off site.

Go here to register and for more info.

Sara Fancy is an international horse and nature constellation facilitator. Sara has taught horse constellations in Bulgaria and nature constellations in Japan and hosts international students and clients at her location in San Diego County. Read more about more Sara Fancy and Horse Constellations.