Internship Opportunities at Silver Horse Retreat

We are currently looking for interns who want to come and live and work onsite for a month.

 If you are interested and want to experience:

*alternative equine therapy

*an equine business where the horse comes first

*phenomomelogical therapy

*nature, outdoors, elements

*a way of living and being with horses harmoniously

and fit these requirements:

* physically fit and healthy 

* used to the outdoors

* not dependant on drugs or alcohol (while onsite no drugs, alcohol or anything that impairs judgment and decision making).

* genuinely interested in how horses can support humans in feeling better without being ridden

* Ok with ones own company

* open to alternative therapy

It is not necassary to be able to drive or have a car while being here. We can arrange a pick up and drop off from San Diego airport. It is also not reqiured that you have a lot of horse experience.

What is required:

Your job as an intern is to take care of the six horses daily which includes:



horse care

walking horses

additional errands and chores

$1250 covers accommodations and utilities costs and food.

$1500 if you require a pick up and drop off from san Diego airport. 

What you can expect:

one day off a week

one session of your choice with Sara a week

accommodations and food

an immersion into country living

If after reading all the above you are still interested please fill in the form below and Sara wil schedule an interview.

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What month are you thinking of coming?
What month are you thinking of coming?