Here is a list of products I personally use and which I'm promoting as part of being an amazon affiliate. Amazon has the best price for these specific items. Some of them are prime products meaning that if you are an Amazon prime member you get two day free shipping. I've found all of these products to be essential in supporting my current lifestyle of living off grid with my horses, dogs and cat.

In order to have power (electricity) when living off grid one typically needs a generator. When I first moved here I bought a discounted generator from All about fun, in Ramona, to power up my trailer. They sold me the generator, one battery and a small solar panel for 2k to run my trailer. I've never lived in a trailer before and it's a whole new learning process. If I were to do it again I would do it entirely differently. I would never have bought the discounted gas generator for $800. We've had this generator for almost two years and its benn repaired about four times and it still doesn't work well.

Gas generators are noisy, smelly and require a constant supply of gas which you have to go and get. Out here, in the back country, the nearest gas station is forty minutes round trip. 

Recently I discovered a solar generator which does all the things that the original gas generator does. It was only $200 more, ($1'000) and doesn't require any gas to make it work. From this point on I'm getting free electricity. This generator has the capacity to power up my lap top, phone, power lights for my yurt, runs my printer and oil diffuser, all in one evening. 

Home comforts inside my yurt

Home comforts inside my yurt

This Genex gold natures generator comes with a solar panel and the generator device which needs to be kept inside while connected to the solar panel outside.

There is an option of connecting a wind turbine which you can also buy from Genex for $500. This works well when there is rain, snow or when there is no sun and you live in a windy area.

Like I mentioned, this generator has provided sufficient power for what I need personally in my 24ft yurt. 

This is a very simple device to set up get working. It comes with an app so you can moniter the battery level on your phone. The app was a little confusing for me but after calling customer care I got it working.

I recently ugraded to the Platinum model, which comes with three solar panels, a power pod and the generator. This set up offers more power and power storage. I can run a small refrigerator, and power my small recording studio inside my yurt aswell as lights etc. There is nothing more satisfying than getting powered by the sun.

One of the best products I invested in lately was the outdoor L10 Ecotemp propane powered water heater. This water heater does not require any electricity. Perfect for being off grid or camping. The heater ignites from two batteries. This is a powerful heater on demand, providing endless hot water.

I use this water heater for my outdoor bathtub and shower. People also use this heater to shower their horses in cold weather. 

This is a simple and easy to use device and very affordable. Warning, do not leave outside during freezing weather because the pipes will burst. There is a way of draining the water, but best to take it indoors if not in use. The company will not cover this type of damage with their warranty as they specify not to use it as a permanant installation. 

Enjoying our outdoor bathroom where we can take a bath anytime day or night becasue of endless hot water.

Enjoying our outdoor bathroom where we can take a bath anytime day or night becasue of endless hot water.

I was beside myself when after a particulary cold night the copper pipe inside the water heater burst, leaving a huge hole. After contacting the  company they recommended I try Rapid Fix, a duel adhesive.  I was astounded at how great this product worked! It totally fixed the hole and has been running great ever since. Rapid Fix is super affordable for what it does and can be used for other types of repairs.  You cannot get this product at the local hardwear or Home depot, but you can get it on Amazon prime.