Meet the silver horse herd.  Photo by Sara Fancy  

Meet the silver horse herd.  Photo by Sara Fancy


Sara Fancy is the owner and director of Silver Horse Retreat which offers mentorships, trainings, therapeutic retreats and private sessions in the prescence of horses and nature.

The Silver Horse Herd consists of six horses. At one time in their lives, these horses were considered useless and were close to having their lives exterminated. Since joining Silver Horse, they've been given a platform to share their individual medicine of healing and awareness.

If you have a calling to be in the presence of horses and are seeking a more meaningful life, consider enrolling in one of our mentorship programs or participating in one of our retreats, see our events list below.

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We're located at Old Mine Rd, Ranchita, CA 92066. By appointment only.

To schedule a session call Sara Fancy 760 445 3580 or email sara@silverhorse.org 


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To offer transformational healing to humans through interactions and heart to heart connection with horses.