I'd like to share with you what I do and how I work with people. Sixteen years ago my path took a different direction and I became fascinated with the healing arts. I studied energy medicine (Polarity Healing Arts) cranial sacral unwinding, astrology, systemic and family constellations. I also became besotted by horses and in my 40th year I adopted my first dog and horse. This was a dream come true, as all my life I have loved animals.

I was able to synthesize everything I know about healing and integrate these skills into my profession and outdoor, horsey lifestyle. The current manifestation of this is Silver Horse Retreat.

Typically, I like to work in a one to one construct. I categorize this as a mentorship which encompasses teaching and therapy. I meet my client where they're at and help them get to where they want to be.

Examples of this are: 

Health crisis; I've been sick for so long and I want to become well again.

Emotional crisis; my relationship ended and I need to rediscover who I am and what is important to me.

Mental crisis; I suffer from depression and I need to connect to my worthiness.

Spiritual crisis; everything in my life is out of control and I need to align to my purpose.

 A moment of recognition and resonance. Photo by Tianna Terry

A moment of recognition and resonance. Photo by Tianna Terry

If I'm working with someone who is experiencing depression, I'll look at their astrology to see their strengths, talents and weaknesses. I'll include table sessions where I meet their physicality, reflect information and reboot their energy system. I'll incorporate horse sessions, teaching how to relate to horses in a deep visceral way which may or may not include riding. The horse sessions work on areas such as boundaries, leadership, authenticity and empathy. And last but not least I will constellate their family, relationships, ancestral heritage and support my client in disentangling from any hidden loyalties.

I am a huge proponent in using nature as a resource. Nearly all of our sessions take place outdoors and I encourage clients to spend time here on the land, meditating, reflecting and integrating their healing sessions before they leave.

Constructing and experiencing a constellation is a creative interactive process and has the potential of reframing our beliefs, opinions and judgements about ourselves, family, and how we show up in the world.

 Sara and Diva having fun. photo by Josephine Blossfeld.

Sara and Diva having fun. photo by Josephine Blossfeld.

Meet Sara and hear her talk about her life with animals. 

I can honestly say I've peronally experienced all the types of life crisis mentioned earlier. The therapies I've learned and experienced helped me change my life for the better. My philosophy in living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life is to resolve inner conflicts, whether conscious or unconscious.

I believe in our own innate ability to heal. I understand nature's trajectory movement is to find harmony. I utilize this energy through the horses, the environment and elements; to influence my client's ability in becoming balanced. In this process, I help people to experientially know themselves to be interconnected to nature and to their nature self.

Life doesn't always go the way we planned. Learning how to be present; having the ability to yield and be flexible under pressure are valuable skills horses teach us.

When horses find their place within the herd the system is balanced. The same applies to us in regards to our relationships, family and business life.

 Silver knows and accepts his place in the herd photo by Sara Fancy

Silver knows and accepts his place in the herd photo by Sara Fancy

I have a passion for the arts, music and fashion and I integrate these influences into my work. For example, in the Dancing with Horses program where each participant in the Shamanic Horse Retreat learns how to dance with a horse. Each participant creates their own ritualized dance. 

The horse dance is documented by photographs and videos. I consider this a wonderful opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience with horses who love to dance and play.


I like to take my time with my clients. I schedule visitors for half a day, either morning or afternoon.

For more info please go to our sessions page and if you feel the calling, check out my mentorship program.

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