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Unwinding Ancestral Karma Intro

  • IPSB 5817 Uplander Way Culver City, CA, 90230 United States (map)

We're on the eve of the biggest family holiday in US, Thanksgiving. This holiday is celebrated regardless of religion or faith and is a time when family tensions can esculate.

If you have consistently struggled in your lives, for work, money, happiness, it's possible you're paying for an ancestral debt. For instance, if your grandfather was in a war and was responsible for many peoples deaths, you may be unconsciously atoning for his deeds by denying yourself a good life. Only when the grandfather takes responsibility for the victims will you be released from this heavy burden.

If our career never seems to take off and we continually sabatage the success of our businesses, this could be related to another ancestral debt, one in which your ancestors profited from the exploitation of others. Such as those who dealt in salvery or who owned slaves to work on their plantations. Again you may be atoning for how your ancestors procured their wealth.

These dynamics and more surface when we explore the family system by setting up a Constellation.

It doesn't matter if our ancestors have passed or if we don't know their names or faces. Effective and long lasting results can be obtained by simple authentic movements such as an aknowlegement, a simple sentence or a step in the right direction.

Sara Fancy will be facilitating and demonstrating Constellations on willing participants who attend this introductory event.

Participates who are interested in having their own Constellation can submit their names with the opportunity of being randomly selected. Evereyone who attends regardless of whether or not they have a Constellation will be participating. This is a fully participatory event.

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Unwinding Ancestral Karma