Corazon, Diva and Jackie at Silver Horse Retreat  photo by Sara Fancy

Corazon, Diva and Jackie at Silver Horse Retreat photo by Sara Fancy

This Silver Horse Mentorship Program is designed as a transformational, one on one intensive, with mentoring by Sara Fancy RPP, director and owner of Silver Horse Retreat, located in Ranchita, California, USA. 

Open to beginners, intermediates, advanced horse people and non horse people, this mentorship is personally customized to support you in your transformational process.

Do you wish to create a lifestyle for yourself which includes horses on an everyday basis? Are you ready to experience and utilize the healing benefits horses offer, in order to live a more satisfying life?

This intimate Horse Mentorship Program is designed to support you in any of the following:

Moving through Crisis

At some point in our lives we will undoubtedly undergo a crisis situation affecting us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Sara and the herd will support you in gaining clarity and a shift in perception around what you are experiencing.

If you feel stuck without joy, excitement and purpose, Sara and the herd will work with you closely to help you gain enthusiasm, understand why things aren't going the way you would like them to be and what needs to happen in order for you to feel fully alive again.

Connecting and creating rapport with horses

Experience a relationship with a horse based on co-operation instead of domination. By understanding the natural instincts of a horse you'll be able to establish a connection you never dreamed possible. Becoming conscious of your feelings, sensations, thoughts and motions is critical in creating rapport with a horse. Horses feel safe when we express our authenticity and will herd with us.

Integrating horses into your career and lifestyle

From childhood you may have dreamt of having a special relationship with a horse. It's never too late to connect with a horse. Sara will teach you how to become a horse person in whatever capacity this works for you, i.e, integrating horses into your profession or as an addition to your family or both.

Training in Horse or Nature Systemic Constellations

Learn from Sara how to be a facilitator of Horse Constellations. Sara will teach you how to include horses into a constellation, and how to decipher what the horse is demonstrating. This training will cover everything from learning the principles of Family Constellations, choosing suitable horses to constellate with and getting your horse business up and running. This training is also available off site, see Remote Mentorship below for details.

Self Development

Do you know your purpose in life? Do you have one? At Silver Horse we believe everyone and everything has a purpose and a contribution to offer the world. Horses teach us to connect to our authentic selves. Sara and the horses will support you in discovering your gifts and talents and actualizing your purpose in life. Sara will constellate with you so you can recognize and change limiting patterns and behaviors in order to create the life you wish to live.

Half Mentorship

This Half Mentorship is designed for you if you need immediate help and support in regards to a crisis or crossroads in your life. You are seeking clarity and perspective around your current situation. For example, you have reached a breaking point in your career, relationship and/or health. 

This mentorhsip program offers:

Four days and five nights on location at Silver Horse with Sara Fancy and the horses at Ranchita, CA. 

Includes, 4 x 60 minute phone calls, pre and post program, accommodation, fresh organic food, (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The schedule of each day is flexible, customized around the weather and anything else that presents itself to support you in your mentorship process.

The four days can be scheduled consecutively. Arrive the night before the first day of mentorship, stay the last night and leave the following morning. If you plan on arriving on the first day of mentorship we suggest you plan to get here around 9am, although this is flexible.  

Alternative option is to schedule the above into two different visits, i.e, 2 days and 3 nights within a three month time frame. 

Full Mentorship

This Full Mentorship is designed for you if you are ready to be a horse person who lives, works and plays with horses in a therapeutic way.

If you already have experience in the healing arts, Sara will help you integrate your skills and talents with those of your horses in order for you to create your own therapeutic equine program.

If you are already a horse owner, Sara will teach you effective therapeutic modules in which to facilitate sessions with people and horses.

During this full mentorship you will benefit from personal therapeutic work, such as Horse Constellations, to support you in your transition.

Examples of what is offered in this full mentorship program:

* Learn the foundations of owning and caring for horses.

* Knowing and choosing the horse/horses which will be compatible for you in your lifestyle with horses.

* Working with horses in a natural and non violent way.

* Developing skills in the healing arts which match the energy of your horse or horses.

* Learning and experiencing Systemic Constellation therapy. 

* Refining your skills in equine therapy and becoming an effective and confident facilitator. 

* Looking at and working with your challenges around creating your horse lifestyle by receiving and benefitting from personal, therapeutic sessions with Sara.   

To embody and integrate the teachings and therapy in this specific program it is structured within six months to a year based on your needs and availability.

And can be experienced as:

Two different visits of four days and five nights spent at Silver Horse with Sara Fancy and the horses at Ranchita, CA.

8 x one hour phone/skype calls

Onsite accommodation and organic food, (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

An affordable monthly payment plan is available for this program. 

Remote Mentorship

Unable to come to our location? No problem, Sara is available to mentor you remotely. Learn how to facilitate Horse Constellations via an interactive online program, specifically customized for your needs and requirements, conducted via phone/skye/zoom supervision sessions, supported by email correspondence and support. This mentorship can also be combined with onsite mentorship as an addition. Sara recommends a six month program to learn Horse Constellations. 

A recent mentee, Candice Wu, created a podcast in which she talks about her experience at SHR while being mentored by Sara. Listen.

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