Family Constellation therapy originates from the work of Bert Hellinger. Hellinger first introduced this powerful, healing modality to the West in the early nineties. Since then, facilitators all around the world, have taken this work and integrated it into their own unique services. Consequently, there are constellations focused in areas such as business, nature, art, environmental and horses.  

Typically, Constellations are performed indoors. Constellations performed outdoors are known as Nature or Environmental Constellations. Sara was introduced to Nature Constellations by her teacher Francesca Mason Boring. Sara explored facilitating Constellations outdoors with her herd of horses. The results were profound.

For those of you who are new to this work, here’s an example of a Horse Constellation performed privately one to one conducted in a three hour time frame (half a day). Horse Constellations can also be done in a group setting.


Upon arrival, the client is offered refreshments and a comfortable place to sit within view of the horses. Sara burns sage and smudges herself and the client. Sara asks the client what intention they have for their constellation.

A constellation offers healing and clarity to do with personal health, depression, relationships, deaths, addictions, breakdowns, business and soul purpose.

Once the intention is clear, Sara asks the client to enter the horse corral to intuitively find a place.

Entering the Field

The corral becomes the designated area for the 'field', also known as the morphogenic, knowing or unified field. This field of energy has access to information specific to the client's intention and is accessed through the sensate and emotional body.  

Sara asks the client if they notice any sensations in their body and how they feel. Based on this information, including movement, posture, breathing and orientation the constellation begins to unfold.

Sara gently guides the client into being present by becoming aware of sounds and anything in the environment which catches their attention.

Trance and Portal

At this point in the constellation the client may feel they are in a slight trance and all sense of linear time disappears. The present moment becomes a portal. It is through this portal experiences from the past or future are accessed and it becomes apparent where healing needs to take place.

The Horses

While the constellation is taking place the horses are tuned into the field aware of the shifting energy. For example when a truth is revealed, the energy field becomes congruent, making it a safe place for the horse to occupy. At this precise moment a horse will come and make gentle contact with the client.

Nature and the Elements

The surrounding environment, the mountains, rocks, birds, sky etc become a supportive resource in the constellation. In this place it becomes obvious at a visceral level how we are all connected. The client has the experience of being one with nature as the environment and elements respond to the energy of their constellation. Sara equates this experience as being inside a musical symphony.


When all aspects of the constellation have been seen and honored the session is closed. Sara may give the client time and space to be with the horses to integrate the changes that happened in their constellation.

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Experience a Horse Constellation

Sara offers private sessions at Silver Horse Retreat. Horse constellations are included in the 3 day shamanic retreat as well as in the mentorship programs

Listen to Candice Wu’s experience of her horse constellations sessions with Sara and the herd during her mentorship at Silver Horse Retreat in spring 2019.

Listen to Sara speak to Mosie Trewitt about Horse Constellations in her 'The Spirit of the Horse' podcast episode 21.


If you feel drawn to horses, love nature and are on a healing path, this work is perfect for you. People may choose to do a Constellation for various reasons such as:

-Finding and connecting to one's life purpose
-Health crisis
-Spiritual crisis
-Relationship challenges
-Business guidance
-Family healing

Horse Constellation Retreats at Silver Horse

Check our events page for upcoming Horse Constellations retreats. Or create your own private Horse Constellation Retreat


Watch episode #4 to see Sara Fancy facilitate a Horse Constellation with guests Iman and Natalie.


How will a Horse Constellation benefit me?
Having horses in your Constellation is a memorable experience. The impact of relating with so many different beings affects us on a deep level. The presence of a horse in your Constellation brings potency to your healing. Being outdoors and in nature creates a therapeutic environment for your Constellation.

Why use horses?
Horses divide their time between the spiritual and physical worlds and are able to navigate the Field with a natural ease. The horses at Silver Horse, enjoy offering themselves to this type of service where they are allowed to move and interact freely of their own choice.

Do I need horse experience in order to have a Horse Constellation?
No experience is necessary. If you are scared of horses, a preliminary session is advisable to overcome any fears or traumas related to horses.

Will the horses bite or kick me?
No, our horses are accustomed to people and are not aggressive. They may gently nudge you or rub their heads on you.