I'd like to introduce myself and share with you information about my work with people and horses.

I grew up in Kent, south east England. In my early twenties I left London where I was living at the time, in search of a musical career in NY, USA. I ended up getting involved in fitness and then left NY to pursue a competitive body building career in California.

My life took a different direction after becoming despondent with the path I’d chosen. After reaching an all time low I re-emerged a student of the healing arts.

I studied energy medicine (polarity healing arts), cranial sacral unwinding, astrology, shamanism, reiki and family constellations. 

In 1998, when I moved to Topanga Canyon CA, horses became a part of my life and in my 40th year I adopted my first dog, Roxy and my first horse Silver. This was my inner child’s dream come true.

Around this time I became the manager of a local equine therapy facility where I worked for seven years. This gave me the experience and confidence to eventually start my own equine therapy business. During this period I adopted several more horses and my team was in place.

I was able to integrate the skills I’d learned in the healing arts into my profession and outdoor lifestyle with horses. This culminated into a unique equine therapy of which I continue to develop and refine. The current manifestation of this is Silver Horse Retreat.

Sara with Jackie and Silver

Sara with Jackie and Silver

At Silver Horse Retreat I work with individuals and groups.

I have a mentorship program for anyone who wants to initiate change in their life which involves horses. This may be as simple as overcoming a fear of horses and feeling comfortable in their presence or learning how to do horse constellations.


Meiji and Sara

Meiji and Sara

I work with people who are in crisis whether this be physical, emotional , mental, spiritual or all of the above. 

When someone steps out of their comfort zone and spends time outside in nature with horses they begin to feel resourced in a way which awakens their spirit.

When we find ourselves in crisis there is a need for balance and vitality.  

One way this can be found is by working with our ancestors. When we accept our heritage and align to all who came before us we can move forward in life fully resourced.

A horse will always seek balance. When we are in their presence they influence us to find our own inner harmony.

They resonate with primal needs such as love and community and easily diffuse negative feelings such as guilt or shame.

The work we do is immediate. There’s a palpable shift  after a session and energy continues to unravel creating a new way of being.



Before I met Silver he came to me in a prophetic dream. He has this ability to connect to people on the astral plane. Many people who come to us dream of horses and hold a deep desire to connect to horses.

If you feel a calling for shamanic horse medicine check out our sessions page and mentorship program.

Also our events page for upcoming retreats and specials.

We look forward to meeting you.

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