Ruby, Jackie, Diva and Laydee were all Premarin mares. Premarin is a hormonal replacement drug (HRT) prescribed to menopausal women and men with prostate cancer. Premarin means PREgnant MAres uRINe. These horses are essentially brood mares made pregnant year after year. A study came out in 2003 signifying the connection between the drug Premarin and breast cancer. Sales plummeted and 30,000 mares, most of them pregnant, flooded horse rescues. 

Jackie and Diva were adopted from The Animali Farm in 2005. Ruby was adopted from a family who found Ruby to be too much horse for them to handle. Most horses that come from the Premarin industry have minimal training and need to be taught basic skills such as lifting up their feet up, etc.   

Laydee arrived at Silver Horse in 2007. She had served her life as a Premarin mare and at 18 years old, she couldn't produce any more foals. She had an offer to be sold for meat, but on an impulse Sara adopted her and transported her to California from Canada. Sadly Laydee passed over on March 21st, 2017. Read the letter Sara wrote to Laydee and watch the video with a song written specially for Laydee.

Corazon, a mustang mare, came to Silver Horse Retreat in July 2015. Corazon was in a not so good situation and was handled aggressively. She is very green, and Sara is taking her time with Corazon to allow her to completely decompress and feel safe before she's gentled into being a horse who can be ridden. Sara wrote a book about Corazon illustrating her immediate history and information about her ancestry, called Con a Corazon, Story of a Wild Mustang Mare. As you can see from her photo, Corazon wears a heart on her forehead.

Our latest addition to the herd, is Meiji, a spotted appaloosa mare. In May 2018, Meiji was pulled from a feedlot in Washington and Sara created a mini fundraiser and raised enough money to cover the costs of adopting and transporting Meiji to Silver Horse Retreat. Meiji has a support system of six women called the 'Meiji Godmothers' who have committed to supporting Meiji's food costs for a year.  


In 2001, Sara adopted Silver (he came to her with the name Yo Yo and Sara renamed him). Several years later, Silver and Sara created a business called Silver Horse Healing Ranch.

Hank was adopted in 2008 from the equine facility that Sara managed called El Dustberry. Under Sara's care, he overcame challenging health problems and was able to participate as a riding horse in the children's programs. Sadly Hank passed over on February 13th 2017. Sara was inspired to write a blog, a song featured in a video where Hank was honored in a ceremony, and a ebook, Hank the therapy horse which describes Hank's journey from broken jumper horses to enlightened therapy horse (suitable for children).

In 2009, Pretty Boy (formally Shorty) joined the herd after his previous owner wanted nothing more to do with him. He's a fantastic dancer and great on the trails.