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Kids Introductory Horse Class
9:00 AM09:00

Kids Introductory Horse Class

This 2 hr intro class is for children 2 years and up. 

Children and parents will be introduced to the six horses who live and work at Silver Horse Retreat. Each child will learn how to approach and touch a horse and will be taught basic horse communication and etiquette. 

Silver will demonstrate how horses have a natural insitinct to follow willingly, without force, or the use of ropes or restraint. Silver has worked with thousands of children over the past fifteen years and loves to play games. 

This is our first introductory kids class since we moved from Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles three years ago. We are excited to introduce this way of being with horses which shows respect and kindness to the horse while at the same time prioritizing safety. We would love to offer regular classes and camps to your children. Please be sure to let Sara know if this is something you're interested in. 

Listen to Sara talk about her work with horses in this short excerpt from a  recent interview with Dr Joel Ying.

Cost of class $30 per child $25 siblings

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