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Meteor Shower - BBQ and Camp Over
to Aug 13

Meteor Shower - BBQ and Camp Over

About the Perseid meteor shower

The Perseid meteors are meteoroids ejected from Comet 109/Swift-Tuttle. Every year at about the same time, Earth’s orbit crosses that orbit, leading to one of the most famous and ‘fiery’ meteor showers. 

The Perseids are known for producing long arcs of light and colour so intense they are called ‘fireballs’. At the peak of the shower there can be 150 or more visible meteors an hour.

This promises to be an exciting meteor shower and at Silver Horse Retreat we have a brilliant view of the night sky, void of city light pollution or ocean cloud cover.

This beautiful August evening is comfortable weather to sleep outside and star gaze. Our retreat is safe and tranquil. Your choice of sleeping out in the open or in a tent. We have several tents for those who need them or bring your own. Our tipi is available for a group.

If you like bring your telescopes, cameras and accoustic musical instruments!

$100 includes dinner (bbq style vegetarian friendly) and breakfast.

$175 for two

$375 for group of 5 (additional $75 per head)

We are offering Private Horse Constellations through out the day on Saturday or Sunday at a discount price of $175 to star gazers. If you want to take advantage of this offer please mention what day and time is best for you in the form below.

This is an alcohol and drug free retreat.

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We have limited tents for people who need them.
Meat will be served for dinner and we can accommodate vegetarians.
If so please specify preferred day and approx time.



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