October 2nd 2016

Infinite praise for Silver Horse Retreat and appreciation of Sara. As a clinical psychologist well-versed in many approaches to healing, my trust and endorsement of Sara comes from decades of experience. 

In my time with Sara at Silver Horse Retreat she was impeccable as an agent of transformation, facilitating the constellation work with her horses. Sara is empathic, intuitive, authentic, intelligent, and wise in the ways of healing, creativity, and ritual. She provides a safe and strong container for the work, and her horses show up to support the healing in profound ways. 

While I came to the workshop with meaningful intentions, I was humbled by and grateful for the depth of healing brought to old wounds. The experience was sacred in every way, with cleansing laughter throughout. If you can stay the night, DO! The land is magic, the horses are magic, Sara is magic…and her cooking is out of this world magic…

 Sincerely, Dominique

Video testimonials from participants in our recent Spiritual Artist Horse Retreat

.........In the Rapport phase, which was next we were instructed to selected a horse from the seven available on SHHR, and with that horse we moved in turns into the round pen having our stated Intension in mind.  For me this is where the magic happened.  Sara, a consummate facilitator, was able to discern from our sharing, our posture, and the behavior of our chosen equine therapist our issue, and she eloquently gave voice to two aspects of my health issue.  She spoke for the cast-off part I felt was missing from body and mind that was creating an overall sense of imbalance.  She also addressed my inability to speak, both in a metaphorical sense and physical sense due to weakness.  I was astonished as to how accurate and complete her verbal portrayal was of my feelings, so much so in fact that I immediately felt a release of my identified yet heretofore unconsciously self-imposed restrictions.  At this point the horse, which initially had been a little pushy and dominate then turning her back and walking away, returned to me with soft eyes and lowered head in a loving and accepting attitude to seemingly support the inner work that I had just accomplished........

For this profound healing experience I thank Sara and Silver as well as Jackie, another of the equine therapists, and the other participants with whom I had the pleasure of working on this extraordinary weekend Journey and Family Constellation.

With warm regards and appreciation,

Julie-Ann Tamminga, MFT

Mental Health Therapist

I have been doing Constellation work with Sara for several years now.  In that time my life had changed for the better with so much credit due to my experiences with the Constellations.  Overall I feel much happier and at peace with my life.  My gratitude for my experience on this earth increases every day.  It is so incredibly interesting to access information about me and my family that wouldn’t be available any other way.  The constellations themselves are amazing to witness and participate in. For one thing I really enjoy the time and experience with the other participants – from fun and laughter to amazing illumination and insights. (The thought of slogging through years of therapy to get even one of those “lightbulb” moments just doesn’t seem to make sense.)  At this moment I am looking forward to participating in another constellation experience in a few days, and can’t wait to allow more information, understanding and love into my life.  Thank you Sara for persevering in this work that has benefitted so many for so long.   

Sarah Priest   

Hi Sara,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you how appreciative I am of having you in my life. You have enriched my life in so many ways.

I want to let you know I believe in you and your concellation work, and find great joy in watching you help people in the unique manner you do although you certainly need no recognition or reinforcment from my end in the validity of what you do. I wanted to share with you just the first page or so of my past project which talked about the wheat field you so aptly described and saw in our inpromotu concellation. I was shocked, you obviously have a gift. Carry on with your blessing! :)

Warmest Regards,


Dear Sara,

I want you to know that yesterday was profound for me. It was an extraordinary experience beyond what I could even express, though perhaps in some days I will try. You have such a gift as a teacher and as a healer.

I really appreciate and thank you.


I know for my daughter - we've been going there for 2 years - these classes have been invaluable, for both her and me. The ranch is an incredibly healing place. At one point, we were considering stopping lessons because our car was breaking down and I just was concerned about getting to Topanga safely and when we missed a few classes, we both really missed our time on the ranch. It is so peaceful there. 

If you're concerned your child may be scared by the horses or had a traumatic experience with horses or animals, this is the place where those fears may be healed, in an incredibly gentle and respectful way.


My son really had the most amazing class there.  It was only 1 class, it was a year ago but, he still talks about it.  that's big for a 4 year old.  But I saw in him, in that 1 class, growing a relationship with the beautiful and large beast he was on.  A relationship of respect and awe. That is priceless.  

Thanks for everything and thanks for doing what you do!  


I have been on a healing journey with Sara Fancy for the past three months now, and I have already noticed extraordinary changes taking place in my life.  One of the most potent experiences I had at the Silver Horse Healing Ranch was when I took her workshop on finding rapport with horses.  We started the workshop journeying to different worlds, meeting our spirit and animal guides.  When I first closed my eyes, I expected my judgements to interfere, but what I experienced was profoundly authentic, and I've been applying this method of meditation to my life on a regular basis, in order to gain more insight and perspective.  This most challanging, yet most powerful part of this workshop was when I got into the pen with the horse.  I noticed when I had expectations of this beautiful creature, he was curious, yet didn't want to approach.  Once I dropped all expectations and focused on the horse instead of myself, he walked up to me and gently placed his head in my hands.  It was so beautiful, it made me cry, and it also made me realize how I do this with people.  I now try to consciously interact with the people around me the way the I learned to interact with the horse, and I immedietly noticed that all my interactions are on a more sincere level, and that people are being drawn to me as they never have before.  My work with Sara has gotten me through one of the most difficult years in my life and for the first time in months, I not only feel hope, I feel happiness.


Hi Sara,

I wanted to thank you SO much for the beautiful experience of the Family Constellation yesterday... I am thrilled and excited to have been able to take part in such an amazing ritual, with such a rich group of woman, horses, dogs & all that were there. Thanks again for your guidance, love & support. 

See you again,



That was amazing. Something huge happened, yesterday. Today I feel light, clean and clear. For the first time ever, I was able to listen to a voice msg from my mother and not have the same awful visceral reaction i normally do. And, was able to phone her back without hesitation, annoyance nor the usual sense of irritation and obligation. it is so liberating. The work really left a deep imprint. Thank you for the profound, soulful work you do, the mastery of your skills and your beautiful depth of heart.

With appreciation and admiration,