Diva has a choice

I'm excited to have found a magical place where I can take my horses. It's walking distance from the ranch and it's flat! Diva, my large, black, Percheron mare has always had sensitive feet. I've forever wished for a place where she can run comfortably on soft ground. 

Like an answer to my prayer this hidden location materialized. Tucked into the crest of the mountains this place is considered public land and can be used by the neighborhood to enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of the dry creek bed.

I've been introducing Diva to this area and eventually I'd like to have her at liberty (without a halter) so together we can move freely in unison.

The video below is the beginning of us exploring what is possible in this space. Diva has a choice, she could go home or stay with me. So far she's chosen to stay!

Source: https://silverhorse.squarespace.com/natura...