Where is your Sanctuary?

For over ten years I visited a place, in which I spent arduous hours working on myself. My objective was to create the perfect body; to be applauded for my efforts by a team of judges while in competition.

It took losing for me to realize I was on a path going nowhere, like the hamster on the treadmill, tirelessly spinning without a destination.

After giving up body building, my orientation of what I considered to be my sanctuary or place of worship changed. I went from indoors to outdoors. My focus of shaping the body switched to honoring the spirit. I went from partnering with inanimate objects; weights, to collaborating with sentient beings; horses.

Engaging Diva in a dance. Photo Jana Pesek

The years I spent practicing body building were not all for nothing. The experience of being committed, focused and consistent showed I can achieve the impossible. Now I utilize these qualities in my current work with the horses. The most gratifying aspect of my work is supporting others in integrating horses into their lives, either recreationally or professionally.

Sara Fancy

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Working out at Golds Gym in Venice

How did I do this? Not growing up with horses I never imagined myself living with these magical creatures and creating an equine business. It took a spiritual crisis for me to crack. Heavily armored, with years of developing a strong muscular body it was necessary for me to reach rock bottom before I could change; to follow my heart instead of my will.

Rest point on top of the mountain with Pretty Boy, Jackie and a student.  Photo Sara Fancy