A Journey to Meet our Power Animal

When we journey to meet our power animal we go to the lower world. To get here you must enter some kind of portal. We leave where we are at, travel to a different destination, retrieve information and bring it back. This Shamanic journey is performed from within. Some folks I work with worry they won't be able to do it as they believe they are not intuitive enough. Journeying is simple and easy. It's a gentle unfolding process performed against the backdrop of a steady drum beat which helps to maintain focus and mental lucidity. To this day, everyone I’ve facilitated for, has successfully met their power animal.  

Photo by Sara Fancy

Photo by Sara Fancy

The actual location in which we journey is important. It’s essential to have no environmental distractions or people watching. Recently, by accident, I stumbled across a secret cave at the back of my property. This cave has become an excellent place to perform journeys. 

Our power animal is not an animal we have known who has passed over. It’s a guardian disguised as an animal. We recognize them when they make eye contact with us. The characteristics and behaviors of this animal act as a resource which can help us overcome obstacles, resolve problems and ultimately become empowered.

When performing this journey it’s best to have an open mind and not anticipate who our animal may be. In one journey, in which I facilitated for a physically strong man, he claimed he had not met his power animal. I asked him to tell me in detail what happened. He mentioned a goldfish that had zoomed in on him and put it’s eye against his. I had to laugh as his power animal was literally making eye contact with him yet it was not an animal who he felt worthy of being his. I explained how the goldfish represents wealth and prosperity, something he was very interested in.

I did my first journey twelve years ago with a friend. To my amazement, the animal that vividly appeared was a peacock. This royal bird was unfamiliar to me. When the male peacock fans his feathers, he creates the illusion of being more than one. I learned how the peacock’s medicine is about wisdom. At that time, everything the peacock represented was exactly what I needed in order to for me to transform and move into the next chapter of my life. 

The person I was with met a white horse in her journey and when we opened our eyes there was literally a white horse running freely on the trail below us. Instant reflection from her power animal. Usually, some kind of validation is offered within three day of the journey.

Fast forward a few years. In my neighborhood an ostentation of wild peacocks moved in. They were everywhere, in the tree tops, on my roof, in my garden and in the coral with my horses. Having peacocks as part of my everyday life blew my mind.

Another person I facilitated a journey for had the experience of a re-enactment from her journey in real time. Her animal, which turned out to be a predatory bird, later hovered above us in our session with the horses. It called out and got her attention. Later that day, as she was leaving, she noticed a feather on her car windshield. The feather belonged to her power animal gifted to her by another person in the group who had no idea the feather was related to her power animal. She was floored.

People ask me if we can have more than one power animal. The answer is yes. Overtime, as we change and grow, a different power animal may be necessary to help us in our personal evolution. I now have a different power animal and visit him when I facilitate for others. In a recent journey, without us knowing, my client and I journeyed to animals from the same family and after sharing our journeys with each other realized we had had the exact same experience with our animals. 

This kind of experience only strengthens my belief in that it's possible to access information in ways that others may say is impossible or ridiculous. I am thrilled to have experienced and facilitate inner explorations which help to empower and support us in a good way.